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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Books



Becoming Lola

A biographical novel based on the true story of the nineteenth century's most notorious adventuress, Lola Montez. It explores how she rose from humble origins to become for a while the most famous woman in the world after Queen Victoria. Fiery, beautiful and quick-witted, she blazed like a female firecracker through Europe and beyond, leaving lovers and husbands in her wake. No one who metLola ever forgot her but she made as many enemies and friends.

Lola was one of those women who has unaccountably vanished from the history books. I first came across her on a visit to Munich where I saw her portrait in one of the royal palaces - she was for a time the mistress of King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The vitality of her expression and her mesmerising dark blue eyes marked her portrait out from all the others in the gallery. When I came home, I started to research her story and what I found was extraordinary. Lola was an irresistible subject for a novel - read this one and judge her for yourself.

Becoming Lola is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle.



A story of illicit love, adventure and intrigue set in the turbulent reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Plagued by religious strife at home and with the Royal Treasury almost exhausted, England holds her breath. When will Philip of Spain launch his Armada?

Tom Goodluck, lawyer’s clerk and aspiring playwright, is forced to leave his home in Salisbury when an enemy threatens to reveal his affair with Meg, the wife of a wealthy merchant. For a while Tom’s future in the exciting world of the Elizabethan theatre looks bright - then the past catches up with him. His mentor and friend, Alexandre Lamotte, offers help, but Lamotte has his own dark secrets to hide. Meanwhile, Meg sets out on a path that will test her mettle to the limit.

Available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle and from 31st August in other e-book formats.

City of Dreams
At the height of France's glittering Second Empire, Anna, a Russian girl comes to Paris as a new bride. Filled with joy at the prospect of a happy marriage and life in the city of her dreams, she doesn't suspect that dark times lie ahead, and so begins the road to understanding herself, and the city she has longed to be part of.
City of Dreams is the first in a series of novels that will follow the story of Anna and her descendants in Paris and further afield.
City of Dreams is available on Amazon in paperback or Kindle and in other e-book formats.

The sequel to City of Dreams is now available on Kindle and in other e-book formats.

Dancing and Other Stories

A spooky tale for Halloween, a very eccentric love affair and much more. This is an intriguing and entertaining collection of short stories that has something for everyone. It includes several prize winners, notably  Dryad co-authored with Joanne Harris, best-selling author of Chocolat. It was one of the winning entries in the BBC's national competition, End of Story. Profits from sales of Dancing and Other Stories will be donated to WaterAid  the charity working to bring clean water and sanitation to villages in the Third World.
Dancing and Other Stories  is available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.